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You are a parent of a child aged 6-10


Your child regularly uses an Apple or Android device for entertainment purposes

The Best Earn Your Screen Time Apps For Android and iPhone 2022

Get your kids to earn their screen times by requiring them to complete specific tasks with these apps.

Most children these days are glued to screens for hours on end. Screens have become a staple in most children's lives, whether a smartphone, computer, or television. While many parents are hesitant to allow their children to have too much screen time, there is a way for children to earn their screen time. By setting up rules and limits for screen time and requiring that certain tasks be completed before screens can be used, parents can help their children learn the importance of responsibility and hard work.

The best earn your screen time apps are those that not only will help keep kids off of screens but will also teach them essential life skills.

What Are Earn Your Screen Time Apps For Kids?

There is a new trend in parenting called "earn your screen time." This means that kids have to do something to earn the privilege of using their electronic devices. This can be anything from chores to schoolwork, to good behavior. There are now apps that help parents enforce this rule and their kids' devices are otherwise blocked.

There are two ways by which kids can earn screen time. First is through apps that offer educational content and provide it automatically. The second is through apps that enable parents to manually unlock the device after they have actually seen their children play in the real world.

The Best Earn Your Screen Time Apps You Can Get


Reasons to buy:

  • Provides kids with an excellent learning resource. The app is full of educational content, so kids can learn new things while they're using it.
  • Teaches children responsibility. By using it, children earn screen time by completing educational content within the app. As a result, they learn about the importance of working in order to earn screen time.
  • It makes it possible for parents to restrict their kids' screen usage. Once the limit has been reached, the child's device locks until the next day, taking away the need to watch your child wind down for the day.

Reasons to avoid:

  • None

SmartCookie is an app that allows parents to monitor their child’s screen time while helping them become smarter. The app enables parents to pick apps that require supervision independently.

SmartCookie helps children verify that apps they have downloaded contain the proper educational aspects. As a result, parents can be confident that their young children are spending time efficiently. Also, since the app provides the children with plenty of educational content, children can learn as they use it.

SmartCookie is a valuable tool aimed at helping parents monitor their children's screen time carefully and ensure they're integrating other active pursuits into their routine. By offering access to educational content, the app helps families adhere to a healthy balance between screen time and other activities. Moreover, its ease of use and generally low supervision requirements make SmartCookie a sensible option for parents with lots on their plates.



Reasons to buy:

  • Simple to use
  • Challenges are customized based on a child’s level of learning
  • Parents can control their children’s learning pace

Reasons to avoid:

  • Topics are only limited to Math

1Question's founders, Isaac and Ann Elnekave, envision the app as a user-friendly means of mastering math, English, and other learning curricula.

1Question turns your child's screen-time into a learning experience by asking them to answer a question before allowing them to open their preferred app. Even more, the app provides detailed reports on your child's progress and the areas in which they have to improve.

To get started, parents are asked to supply their child's school grade after downloading the app on their devices. They are then enabled to choose the curriculum they would like their child to learn and the apps they can unlock each time they correctly answer a Math question.

Parents can also download the 1Question Parent application, which allows them to remotely control their child's learning settings and provides an advanced AI-driven real-time, dashboard of their progress.



Reasons to buy:

  • Encourages your child to spend time doing other activities to counteract excessive screen time.
  • The user interface is very intuitive.
  • You can manage and monitor as many child profiles and devices as you wish.
  • By allowing them to set their own schedules, a school-age child learns time management skills.

Reasons to avoid:

  • Features are limited for Android devices
  • Lacks advanced location tracking and geofencing
  • Parents' control is limited only to Facebook monitoring

UnGlue was released in 2014 as a parental control tool aimed at improving a child's cognitive development and ensuring online safety. Through the use of this app, you can transform your child's online behavior and cultivate productive habits by monitoring online activities and blocking inappropriate apps.

In contrast to other parental control apps, UnGlue allows parents to set chores and entertainment schedules for their children.

The Kid Time Management feature allows parents to raise responsible kids by providing them restriction-free control over their schedules. Kids' schedules can be managed through the feature, and each extra minute added to the schedule can be earned by doing some chores. In general, this feature is a great opportunity to teach kids the value of time and motivate them to take responsibility.

Another stand-out feature of UnGlue is its entertainment time feature. Through it, parents can set time limits for certain apps, and select which ones are available for kids to use. You can also customize each of your kids' schedules. What more, you can bundle various apps together in a single bucket. That "fun" bucket can be only accessed during entertainment time.

Lastly, UnGlue's Step Time feature is an excellent way to approach your children and get them engaged in physical exercise. It encourages them to move about and undergo some thrilling physical activities. Convincing them to stay physically active will compel them not to spend a lot of time in front of your computer or watching TV!


The Genius App

Reasons to buy:

  • Easy interface
  • Ensures kids have plenty of time for physical activities

Reasons to avoid:

  • Can be buggy at times

The Genius App Manager is designed to get children off of their mobile devices and moving again while you're away. It enables the parent to set up a daily step goal or responsibilities for their children. The parent can control apps that would be suspended until the child reaches the targeted step goal.

Genius App offers several customization options for parents to make the desired goals for their child challenging, fun, and achievable. The managed apps are unlocked as soon as tasks or step goals are accomplished.

Genius App also enables parents to set up black-out times for essential activities such as family dinners, bedtime, and homework. This additional option overrides step goals allowing parents to manage their children's screen time.



Reasons to buy:

  • Parents may approve or disapprove of an app for their kids
  • Parents may block their kids' access to social media
  • Kids can earn access to particular games by completing certain learning requirements
  • Parents can receive daily screen usage and learning data from their kids

Reasons to avoid:

  • Does not promote children’s engagement in physical activities

With LearnIt, parents can impose daily restrictions on on-screen usage as well as learning requirements for their children. Additionally, parents can lock and unlock their kid's device whenever they wish.

LearnIt comes with a library of over 2000 videos on various topics accessible to kids according to their grade level. Children pick a topic, watch an engaging instructional video about it, and then respond to a 5-question quiz. Their device is unlocked for the period of time their parents have permitted if they pass that quiz.

Learnit is designed for kids from the 3rd to 8th-grade level.


Play My Way

Reasons to buy:

  • Kids earn screen time to play by educating themselves.
  • Kids may prepare themselves for school exams through question drills while playing their favorite games.

Reasons to avoid:

  • Does not promote children’s engagement in physical activities
  • Limited features
  • Limited topics covering only Math, English, and Science

Play My Way will pause any ongoing game to pose an educational question. The game will resume only when the question has been resolved. Questions pop up on the screen every couple of minutes. To get started, parents install the app and choose the grade level of their children. Then they choose the subject and how many questions they want their kids to answer. This way, kids are prevented from being unrestrictedly playing games or browsing social media on their phones or tablets. Instead, kids must educate themselves to earn screen time to play.


Test 4 Time

Reasons to buy:

  • It helps kids improve their Math skills
  • Works offline
  • Fights summer slide

Reasons to avoid:

  • Limited to Math subject only
  • Does not promote children’s engagement in physical activities

The Test 4 Time app is designed to help kids improve their Math fluency while enjoying their favorite video games. Once activated, the app asks them questions and helps them learn as they go. It's like a tutor that goes with you wherever you go and helps you get better at Math. Kids earn one minute of screen time for every one correct answer.

In essence, while it can't stop the increase in the playtime of kids, it can help them stay sharp with their Math skills. For example, If they play an extra hour per day in the summer, for those 90 days they will answer additional 5,400 math problems. It helps fight summer slide in the process.

With the app, parents can change the settings on the device, like what grade level the child is using the device at, or what apps and websites they are allowed to use. This can help keep them safe and make sure they are using the device in a way that is appropriate for their age.



Reasons to buy:

  • Helps parents to keep their children safe online

Reasons to avoid:

  • Not suitable for toddlers below six years old
  • Currently focused on France
  • Does not promote children’s engagement in physical activities
Source: Nanaba.App

Nanaba is an app that forces children to do their homework before they can go on social networks. It acts like a timer that parents set for their kids to make sure their finish their homework before they can enjoy their screen time.

With Nanaba, parents can block their children from using certain apps, like Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. This can be helpful for parents who want to keep their children safe online or prevent them from spending too much time on their phones.

Nanaba offers a program suitable for children between the ages of 6 and 14 years old. This program helps children learn new things and grow as individuals. The program includes many different activities that will keep children engaged and interested. It covers general culture, Science, French, History and Geography.


Timeout IQ

Reasons to buy:

  • It helps improve kids’ problem-solving and critical thinking skills
  • Has location tracking feature

Reasons to avoid:

  • Does not promote children’s engagement in physical activities
Source: Timeout IQ

Timeout IQ is an app that helps parents manage their kids' screen time and at the same time helps them learn and improve their skills. It does this by giving parents tools to set time limits and receive notifications when their kids have gone over the limit.

Timeout IQ lets parents see what their kids are watching on their phones. For example, if a child watches a movie that is inappropriate for their age, the parent can see it and talk to them about it. They can set restrictions on their gadgets and set daily time limits.

Timeout IQ also allows parents to track their children's location. This is helpful if you are ever worried about where your child is and want to be able to find them quickly. The app will show you a map of your child's location, and you can see their current location as well as their movements over time. This feature can also help your kids find their devices if they lost them or forget where they left them.

Among its standout features is that it offers an associate interactive STEM-based K-8 program. The program is designed to help students learn about English, Science, Technology, Geography, and Math concepts in a fun and engaging way. The program is also designed to help students develop problem-solving skills and critical thinking skills.

How to choose the best earn your screen time apps for your kids

When it comes to finding the best apps for earning screen time, parents should keep a few things in mind. Age-appropriate content is key, as is making sure the app is engaging and fun. Additionally, parents should look for apps that offer educational value or promote good habits, such as meditation or healthy eating. Apps that encourage engagement in physical activities such as sports and outdoor play are also beneficial.

Ultimately, finding an app that meets your child’s specific needs and interests is important. Parents must become familiar with the app and how it works before handing their child a phone or tablet.

Another way to find the best apps for kids is to look for those that offer educational content. There are many great apps that can help children learn new skills, such as math, reading, science, and geography. Some of these apps even offer rewards or badges for completing tasks, which can encourage kids to keep learning. This is why we like SmartCookie which bills itself as the only parental control app with an online educational platform. Smart Cookie App is an app that bills itself as the only parental control app with an online educational platform. It is designed to allow parents to manage their children's screen time, internet use, and educational content. The app also includes a built-in rewards system to encourage children to learn.