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You are a parent of a child aged 6-10


Your child regularly uses an Apple or Android device for entertainment purposes

Earn Your Screen Time Apps For Android and iPhone 2022

There are a number of apps that you can use to help regulate how much screen time your children are spending on their devices. Some apps let you set time limits, while others monitor what your child is doing and provide feedback. There's a new trend growing recently as far as parental control apps are concerned - the Earn Your Screen Time Apps category.

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The earn your screen time apps are a new way for parents to control how much time their children spend on their smartphones and other devices. These apps allow children to earn time by completing tasks or chores, such as reading, doing homework, or cleaning their room. Once the child has earned enough time, they can use it to access their device for a set period of time. This innovative approach allows parents to encourage responsible behavior while also allowing their children to enjoy the benefits of technology.

In recent years, as concerns about online safety have grown, more parents have turned to parental control apps as a way to help keep their children safe online. In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, many parents are now using these apps to help them limit their children's screen time and ensure that they are staying active and socializing in real life. The trend has started to catch on, offering app stores for both iPhone and Android.

These apps have become increasingly sophisticated over the years, with features that allow parents to set time limits for different types of activities (e.g. social media, games, etc.), block certain websites and apps, and even track their child’s location. Some newer apps even allow parents to set goals for their children (e.g. achieving certain fitness or fitness tracking goals or fulfilling certain life priorities and milestones) or to provide social reinforcements and rewards in order to ensure kids stay fit or on track.

Some of the best earn your screen time apps available nowadays are as follows:


Smartcookie is a fun app that helps kids learn new things. It has a lot of educational content, making it a great choice for parents who want their kids to learn while they're playing. If a child completes educational content within an app, they earn screen time. This is like getting a present for doing something good. As a result, they learn the importance of working in order to earn rewards.



The question asks kids to answer a question before allowing them to open their preferred app. This is a behavioral intervention designed to increase academic productivity by delaying access to fun and distracting apps. The hope is that by forcing kids to answer a question, they will be more focused when they finally get to use their preferred app.



UnGlue allows parents to raise responsible kids by providing them with unrestricted control over their schedules. It gives children the opportunity to learn how to manage their time and develop self-discipline. They can earn extra minutes of screen time to be added to their schedules by doing some chores. For every five minutes of work that they complete, for example, they earn one minute that can be added to their screen time.


The Genius App

The app allows parents to set step goals or responsibilities for their children which can help to improve their daily habits. For example, a parent could set a goal for their child to walk 10,000 steps each day or complete a certain number of chores. The app's parental controls allow the parent to select which apps will be suspended on the child's device until the child reaches the targeted step goal. This feature can help to motivate the child by giving them a sense of accomplishment when they finally reach their goal.



The app allows kids to earn access to particular games by completing certain learning requirements. This could be anything from answering questions correctly in a quiz to demonstrating proficiency in specific skills. In this way, the app encourages kids to learn and grow in their academic abilities. It's an innovative way to help students stay on top of their studies while still having fun.


Play My Way

The app will pause any ongoing game to pose an educational question. The game will resume only when the user inputs the correct answer. This app is a great way to learn while having fun!


Test 4 Time

The app in question is designed to help children improve their math fluency while enjoying some of their favorite games. This is accomplished through a variety of interactive exercises that are meant to be fun and engaging. The app also rewards kids with extra minutes of screen time for completing math problems, which can further motivate users to keep practising. In this way, the app can help kids improve their math skills in an enjoyable and motivating way.



Nanaba is an app that helps children to stay focused on their schoolwork by restricting their access to social media sites until they have completed their homework. The app is designed to help parents keep track of their children's progress, and to ensure that they are using their time efficiently. Nanaba also provides parents with a report of how much time their child has spent on homework each day, as well as how much time was spent on each subject.

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Timeout IQ

The app provides parents with the tools they need to set time limits and receive notifications when their children have gone over those time limits. This can help parents ensure that their kids are spending enough time outside and not glued to their screens all day long. Additionally, the app also offers a feature that allows parents to see how much screen time their kids are getting each day.

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Source: Timeout IQ

Choosing the Right App

Parental control apps with earn your screen time features are a great way to help monitor and manage your child's screen time. By using one of these apps, you can help ensure that your child is using their screen time in a productive and healthy way. There are a variety of different apps to choose from, so be sure to find one that fits your needs. And remember, the key is to be consistent with using the app so that it can be effective.