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ESET Parental Control Review - Is It Worth the Price?

When it comes to safeguarding your children from the online world, there are a lot of options available. But is ESET Parental Control worth the money? In this review, we'll take a look at the features this program offers and whether or not it's worth the price tag.


What Is ESET Parental Control?

ESET Parental Control is a software application that helps parents to monitor and control their children's online activity. It is designed to provide a safe and secure online experience for children, while also giving parents the ability to monitor and restrict their child's internet usage.

ESET Parental Control can be installed on any Windows or Mac computer and offers a variety of features including web filtering, time limits, activity reports, and more. It also includes a mobile app for Android devices, so parents can keep an eye on their child's online activity even when they're not at home.

Review of Features

ESET Parental Control is a software that:

  • Helps parents monitor and control their children's online activity
  • It can be used to block certain websites
  • Limit the amount of time spent online
  • Track their child's online activity

Pros and Cons

All in all, ESET Parental Control offers a lot of features and a variety of ways to monitor your child's online activity. However, it is not the best choice when you want to block your child from using specific browsers or applications.
Below are its advantages:

  • One app to manage multiple devices – With ESET Parental Control, you can manage all the devices that your children use. This is a useful feature if you want to install the same app on their phones and tablets.
  • Easy installation – It's very easy to set up the software on your device.
  • Has an online configuration console. You can manage your settings via an online console. This is a great feature if you want to keep your kids offline while you are at work.
  • You can enable filters on your children's devices. This is a useful feature if you want to prevent them from accessing certain websites or apps. The software lets you add specific keywords and phrases that will be blocked on their device.
  • Tracks location It's easy to track your child's location if you have the app installed on their devices. You can easily see their location on a map. This is helpful if you want to know where they are at any time.
  • Create time limits. The app lets you create time limits on your child's device. You can set time limits on specific apps as well. This is a great feature if you want to control how much time they spend playing games or using social media.
  • Create schedules. The app lets you create schedules for your child's device. You can set specific times for them to be allowed to use the phone or tablet. This is a great way to limit their screen time and make sure they don't get into any trouble online.

Below are the disadvantages of ESET Parental Control:

  • It can't block call or text messages
  • It is not available on iOS devices


The annual cost of ESET Parental Control is $29.99 per year, which works out to $2.67 per month. This makes it one of the most affordable options in this review and a great value for your money.


ESET Parental Control is a great way to keep your children safe online. The price is worth it for the peace of mind that it provides. Unfortunately, it is not available on iOs devices. Moreover, the tool is quite pricey when compared to other parental control software. If you want a tool that provides you with greater control over your child's online activity and is available on iOS devices, then SmartCookie is a better option. The best part is that it is free to download.