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Nanaba Review: Is It Worth Downloading?

Parents everywhere are familiar with the struggle of trying to get their kids off of their phones during the summer holiday. But what about when school starts again? In recent years, more and more parents have turned to apps like Nanaba to help get their children prepared for the new year. Nanaba is a play on the word banana, and it allows children to spend time playing games, learning new things, and interacting with others while they're getting ready for school. Read our in-depth review below.

3 June 2022

What Is Nanaba?

Nanaba is an online French-language quiz application for children aged between six and sixteen. It includes a number of aspects of the French syllabus from kindergarten up until chess (a near equivalent to GCSE). The content library features diverse content in the categories of French, Math, and English, with an emphasis on both types of interval and rote learning. The app is created for regular learning, and cross-examination, through which students are quizzed on various topics.

How to Use Nanaba

Nanaba's comprehensive visual and audio features present quite accurate information on many different subjects within the French curriculum. Where this app will really appeal to users (often parents, specifically) is that it can be set up to lock off popular apps, including Facebook, Tik Tok, Instagram, Snapchat, Fortnite, etc.

Nanaba seeks to reorient priority areas by advocating a more balanced and productive use of technology. In order to access or unlock these types of popular social media apps, users will need to answer a series of parent-specified quiz questions.

No teaching or instruction exists per se. The application merely utilizes repetition questioning to evaluate student comprehension and learning.

Parents choose the correct subscription plan for the child(ren)'s needs and enroll them. Once subscribed, they will be encouraged to add children, including the title or category appropriate to their levels. Students can then choose the sub-topics to answer. These particular sub-topics within these major topics contain quizzes that are known as fifteen-question multiple choice series as well as three-question versions. The quizzes have been developed and created by teachers with experience in the National Curriculum in France.


The app is available for free and is specially geared to complement the French National Curriculum. However, to access the content, it may be necessary to purchase a subscription or purchase extended content.

Review of Features


Our love affair with gadgets has been around for some time now, and the rise of screen time has only served to deepen our fixation. Given this, it has become important for parents to reign in ther children's use of technology. With Nanaba, parents can adequately limit their kids' use of technology and improve the way the time they spend in front of a screen.

Nanaba features a tool for parents to briefly pause or block apps commonly used by kids, including Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, Fortnite, and others. The key to unpausing the applications? Complete educational quizzes.

The highlight feature of the Nanaba application is the fact that it's fully customizable to the user. The parent can change the difficulty level, how many questions the quiz has, which applications are blocked until the child has submitted their answers and more.


A few minor areas for improvement exist.

Ease of use: Some parents reported struggling to navigate from the parent area to the kid area, where they could answer questions. Others have also noticed a content error, mostly missing parts in some questions, particularly in the translation elements of the English section.

Functionality: Nanaba does not suit learners who are studying French for the first time and who do not have a good grasp of the language as it is taught in school.

Content: The current version of the app is also limited to three basic subjects: French, Math and English. It would have been better if the app includes other subjects such as Science and Geography.

Availability: The app is currently available only in France, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Belgium.


Nanaba is not designed as an instructional app, rather it is a quiz to let you and your children see their knowledge and progress as they progress through the French school system. The app has been designed in a way that makes it easy to switch between questions and answers, making it ideal for self-assessment or for use with a group. Additionally, the quiz can be customized to reflect the different levels of difficulty for which users are aiming.

However, given the disadvantages presented above, it's safe to say that there are other apps that better Nanaba in many ways.

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